Hi-Flux Magnetic Beads

Reagent Mine Magnetisable Beads
Reagent Mine Hi-Flux magnetic beads are now available from Kalon Biological Ltd.

Hi-Flux Magnetic Beads are manufactured using a proprietary process to maximise desirable magnetic and biological characteristics.

Our beads are spherical in shape with a nominal diameter of 3 Ám and are composed of magnetic nanocrystals encased in a hydrophilic polymer matrix.

They possess three essential properties. They are rigid, have a high magnetic responsiveness and are superparamagnetic. These properties result in extremely rapid separation times - the beads respond quickly to the application of the separating magnet and yet resuspend extremely quickly as after the magnet is removed.

The bead surface is chemically modified to allow covalent linkage of biological materials such as antibodies, streptavidin, and antibody binding proteins (protein A and protein G).

Hi-Flux beads can be used in many process requiring rapid and convenient separation or extraction such as nucleic acid separations and immunoassays and affinity purifications.

Data Sheets
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